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Smithtown Village Animal Hospital Smithtown Village Animal Hospital

Smithtown Village Pet Pharmacy

Smithtown Village Animal Hospital offers a full-service pharmacy for all your pet prescription needs. With our convenient in-house prescription refills, we save time when a pet is sick and needs medicine fast. Our in-house pharmacy will fill your prescriptions so that you don’t have to worry about making another stop with your sick pet in the car.

A dog and cat sitting inside a box.

At Smithtown Village Animal Hospital, your pet’s health and well-being is important to us. Since 1964, we have proudly served the cat and dog community of Smithtown, NY and the surrounding area, and we genuinely care about animals. Our friendly team understands that convenience and accessibility are an important part of your pet’s veterinary care, and our in-house pharmacy helps us provide the best care possible when it comes to effective therapeutics and medications. We carry a wide variety of prescription medications as well as flea and tick preventatives, prescription diets, and therapeutic shampoos.

We work closely with compounding pharmacies to get the right medications for your pet, like when some pets respond better to liquid medicines vs. pills, or when pets might require special sizes or topical medications that are not available in online pharmacies. It also helps to get veterinary prescriptions from a trusted source. At Smithtown Village Animal Hospital, our knowledgeable veterinarians can answer all your questions regarding your pet’s prescription dosages and address your concerns regarding potential side effects. You can also be sure that the medication we prescribe is purchased from trustworthy vendors and stored in a safe place.

To learn more about the Smithtown Village Animal Hospital pet pharmacy, please call us at (631) 265-7170.